Welcome to Entangled! Please use this simple submissions form to transmit your manuscripts and sales copy for review. 

To keep things organized, we request that you submit manuscripts that are part of a larger series together, making sure to list the sales copy/query for each in the space provided. This form can accept up to 20 attached files, but we only need to receive the first manuscript in the series plus blurbs of the rest to make a decision on the entire series.

Non-Series Books
If you have books that don't belong to a series, please submit them individually. This will allow us to respond to you more efficiently and to ensure manuscripts don't get lost in the shuffle.

Contract Offers
Due to the sheer volume of submissions we're receiving, we've decided to list the terms we're negotiating on all Samhain titles upfront to help authors better make a decision as well as make it feasible for us to sign this volume of contracts. We're offering 50% of net in a standard profit-sharing model, plus 60/40 on foreign rights and 50/50 on audio, where rights have not already been exploited, which we will aggressively market. We'll be making new covers for most books, except where appropriate, and we're committing a marketing budget for the re-releases as a whole as well as individually, with priority given to those authors with front list titles. Because we know so many authors rely on the revenue generated by these titles, we will be re-releasing them in batches as quickly as we possibly can in a large publicity campaign with price promotions and marketing attached, in weeks devoid of previously or currently contracted Entangled titles so that we can concentrate on each market as appropriate. For this reason, we're asking for a thirty day non-compete from the on-sale date for any other titles, but we're willing to trade back matter between any titles submitted to Entangled and those published elsewhere or self-published to drive traffic to all books by an author. We are able to save reviews from old titles on Amazon, but we will also work to refresh reviews where needed.

We look forward to your submissions, and hope to give your stories a new home!