Scorched, Entangled's exclusive erotic romance imprint, delivers the high-quality love stories and memorable characters readers expect from Entangled, but at much higher heat levels. 


  • Word Count. 15k - 45k novellas, serialized novels packaged in 15k - 30k episodes, and 45k+ novels.  
  • Heat Level. Nuclear. Engage the reader's senses and leaving them tingling! We expect sex scenes to be fully-realized and hot. Language and kinks not typically allowed on other Entangled imprints are welcome here. 
  • Characters. 18+. M/F, M/M, F/F, and menage. Scorched is interested in a variety of couplings, from one main sexual partner, to couples who occasionally invite others to join in on the fun, to multiple love interests partaking in one relationship. Diverse characters are welcomed and encouraged!
  • Genres. We accept all subgenres of romance. 
  • Voice. Voices should be engaging, up-tempo, and fresh. 1st or 3rd person, single or dual's all welcome! We'd especially love to see 1st person manuscripts in either single or dual POV.  
  • HEA or HFN? Happily Ever Afters are not required, though we need to see at least a Happy For Now. 


While we love taboo story lines, we're not interested in the following:

  • Age play. We are also not interested in the D/lg vibe.
  • Beastiality. Steamy shifter sex (in human form) is welcome.
  • Edge play. Including, but not limited to, blood, breath, scat/urine, knife, and gun. If it's not safe, we're not interested. 
  • Incest. No blood relatives, please.  
  • Necrophelia. Not even with zombies. Sorry! 
  • Rape as titillation. We are open to couples engaging in consensual, responsible rape fantasy.


  • Full Manuscript. A query plus the full manuscript is requested if you're not a current Entangled author or a well-established bestseller in the erotic romance genre.
  • Proposal Package: If we've already had the pleasure of working with you or you're a bestselling erotic romance author, you're welcome to submit a proposal package. This should include a query letter, synopsis, and the first three chapters of the book.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.