Select Suspense, Entangled’s single-title romantic suspense imprint, features modern suspense plots, bold voices, and compelling characters that tempt readers into a thrilling world of intrigue and romance.

Specifically, we want to see:

  • 75k-100k word count. Novellas may be used to supplement full-length series, but will not be considered on a standalone basis.
  • Modern, dangerous suspense plots. We want stories that resonate with our readers. No ex-husbands chasing the heroine. No amnesia.
  • Romance within the suspense plot. 70/30 romance to suspense ratio is preferred, though we’ll consider anything in the 80/20 to 60/40 range. The suspense plot must be vital to the story and romance.
  • Multiple POVs are allowed, though the focus is primarily on the hero and heroine.
  • Moderate to high heat level. Sex scenes should be fully realized.
  • Series may follow the same protagonist(s), though couples are preferred. Series set within a group of characters, focusing on individual couples, really appeal to our audience!
  • Capable characters.
  • Tone can be anything from dark and sexy to snarky and fun.
  • Voices we love: Suzanne Brockman, Maya Banks, Stacia Kane, Cherry Adair, Darynda Jones, Tonya Burrows, Alison Bliss, Jodi Linton, and Misty Evans.
  • We consider backlist or previously published work on a case by case basis.
  • We accept both agented and unagented submissions.


Q: Select encompasses several single-title romance imprint, but what’s the difference between a category romance and a single title romance?

A: Category romances are generally stripped down to the core romance. They’re shorter (50k-60k), trope-driven, and often follow a set of “rules” dictated by the imprint/line on which they’re published. Our suspense category romance imprint is Ignite.

Single-title romances have a longer word count (75k-100k, on average), more secondary characters, subplots, and are the kind of books you’ll linger over and savor—not just because of the longer word count, but because of the emotional depth, and rich world-building.

Q. These are called "single-title" romance. Do you consider series?

A: Single-title romance is a publishing term and doesn’t mean we don’t want connected books. In fact, we’re especially looking for books with series potential.

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